Warp Molded



Glitter Bottom

Rush Service* (subject to availability)


Repair Prices:

Re-skin Existing Boot

Thread Repair (helicoil) ea.


*Rush Service will place your shoes at the front of the production queue. Be advised; Rush Service is not always available. For efficiency our shoes are built inside a complex layered schedule and grouped in batches of 6 pair at a time. Rush Service availability will depend on the current workload or how disruptive the stoppage will be to the current batch of shoes being produced. Rush Service is non-refundable.












How to Order



Molded  (Shoes made over complete plaster molds of your feet)


EdgeTek Molded Shoes are built to order. Using a cutting edge vacuum forming technique we handcraft each pair around plaster molds of your feet. The shoes are built to your specifications including: block position, shoe stiffness, foot alignment, forefoot wedging, leg length discrepancies, or any other special requests.


How to order Molded Shoes...

First submit your deposit at the bottom of this page. If you cannot come to our workshop or meet up with us at an event we will send you our molding kit. About 80% of our custom shoes are made using this molding kit. If needed we can get on Skype and watch/coach live during the process. The $400 deposit will secure your production list spot and will be applied to the final balance. You can see our molding video here.  We will send a Paypal invoice for the final balance 3-5 days before shoe production begins.

To get started submit your shoe deposit below. The deposit will secure your spot on our production list. Once the deposit is received we will reach out to schedule your fitting appointment or to send you the molding kit. If you already know which shoe model you are interested in please note on the Paypal order. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. All sales paid for with credit cards/debit cards/checks with a Texas billing address will be charged Texas sales tax on the final invoice.